The Fast Track to Write Blogs for Money – Part 10

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fast track write blogs for money 10The Fast Track to Write Blogs for Money – Part 10

Today was the final session of the Fast Trac entrepreneurial course, and I have created my own fast track to write blogs for money. According to Course Leader Larry, we had the assignment of creating a business that created $100,000 of revenue in Year 3.

After taking Larry’s challenge to heart, I took inventory of my experience, current skillset, assets, and talents, and created a business strategy to create $100,000 by the end of Year 2.

I suddenly feel the need to pause right now.

With an internet connection, and a gift of gab when writing or speaking, I am now able to create a career of my own choosing.

I can create a business that supports my lifestyle that does not require that I show up at someone else’s office at 9am.

With a laptop and internet connection, I can run a business from anywhere in the world and make $100,000 by the end of Year 2. THAT is what I’m talking about. THIS is how I choose to live.

how to write blogs for money 10

Blogging for Money From Home

Although I am blogging for money from home, I embrace who I am – and who I have already been for a long time:

I am a digital marketing and product specialist. I teach people how to create, market, and sell their digital products online.

As our final class topic is “Implementing New Steps”, I am excited to mention what some of what mine will be. This course has required that I find “the fast track” to make money as a blogger, and now that I have created a solid plan of how it can be done (and how others are successfully doing it NOW), this “FastTrack” blog series will help other bloggers find their freedom, and kiss their day jobs goodbye.


how to write blogs for money

Writing a Blog for Money

In addition to writing a blog for money, I’m also writing eBooks, and online courses that will be accessible, affordable, and fun for anyone who wants to learn about making money from blogging. I’ll continue speaking to groups and consulting with individuals interested in building their online platforms. Through recent connections with NYC Business Solutions, I may be able to offer seminars through them. Even though I want to spend more time selling my eBooks than doing a lot of speaking, I understand that I need to get out and be seen. I’m my own best salesperson, so I expect to do a lot of speaking, schmoozing, and networking that first year.

However, I plan to publish multiple digital products over the next 3 years. As my revenue from my digital products increase, I’ll reduce my speaking schedule.

To keep things simple, my business strategy is simple:

  • Publish an eBook at low introductory price
  • After 100 eBooks are sold, raise the price
  • Use Facebook Ads and Affiliate Partners to increase sales
  • Teach 4-5 in-person seminars a month

This is not my full strategy, but this is the idea. As I publish new digital products, I’ll sell them at an introductory price to create excitement, and offer a low entry point. This will also be the time that I’ll be able to get feedback from the community so I can add or remove any information so the eBook is as complete as it can be. At that time, I’ll raise the price so my Affiliate Partners have incentive to sell my eBooks for affiliate commission. And finally, while speaking or teaching, I can offer printed copies of the eBook. This is a simple “Rinse and Repeat” formula, so I will be able to scale the numbers upward with added effort.


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Here’s my Fast Trac Graduation picture with Course Leader Larry Kaplan!


Blogging for Money Online – My Personal Postscript

So now that I’ve learned how blogging for money online can create $100,000 in my business by the end of Year 2, NOT Year 3, I hit the most interesting snag!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am currently a participant in the New York State Department of Labor’s Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) as a love blogger. Completing the Fast Trac entrepreneurial course was one of the requirements of the program, as it would provide the knowledge and support needed to build my business. Taking this course enabled me to evaluate my current skill sets, and create my new freelance career as a Digital Marketing & Product Specialist.

One of the other requirements of the SEAP program is that I submit a business strategy for my business. Fast Trac Course Leader Larry Kaplan taught us how to create a business strategy that could hold water, and I am excited at the possibilities. In fact, I was so excited that I submitted a business strategy that reflects my new lucrative career as digital marketer. And guess what happened???

SEAP rejected my new business strategy.

The reason for this is that my new business strategy is different from what I submitted in my original SEAP application. While I was momentarily stunned that my more lucrative business strategy was rejected, I also understood that I’m dealing with the government, therefore there’s not much room for switching gears. So I’ll be revising my business strategy to resubmit it next week.

Of course, I’m welcome to work on my digital marketing business outside of my blogging, so that’s what I’m going to do. I realize that for all of the internet marketing I’ve done, I’ve never done affiliate blogging for long. Usually, I’d get scooped up to do other work like consulting, so I’ve decided to take this as an opportunity to master the basics. I’ll keep building and optimizing my dating blog posts, and getting my digital marketing ducks in a row.


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