The Fast Track to Write Blogs for Money – Part 9

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fast track write blogs for money 9The Fast Track to Write Blogs for Money – Part 9

Oh man, this Fast Trac entrepreneurial course has opened my eyes to the fast track to write blogs for money. Today’s topic is “Monitoring Cash Flow and Seeking Funds”, which is right up my alley, as I’ve been a sponge lately, soaking up all kinds of ideas to create income.

When I first started this course, my original intention was to be a love and relationship blogger, and replace my annual day job income of $45-70,000. Course Leader Larry had a different idea, and gave us the assignment of creating a business that made $100,000 by Year 3. His challenge pushed me out of my comfort zone, and forced me (in the best way!) to create a business strategy to make this happen.

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Blogging for Money From Home

Most of my Pajama Affiliate colleagues blogging for money from home are pure affiliate bloggers, meaning they blog to promote someone else’s product for affiliate commission. They create and optimize each blog post to rank highly in Google, so their blog is found via organic (free) traffic. This is a fantastic way to create income, and some of my more successful colleagues earn between $3,000 and $14,000 a month from affiliate blogging this way.

The downside of ONLY using organic traffic is that there is a ramp up time before your site gains momentum. From what I can tell, it takes about 2 years of consistent building of 100-200 blog posts to create that snowball effect via organic traffic. I liken this process to starting a farm from scratch. Things are going to take as long as they take, and you cannot rush them. If you plant seeds for corn, you will not see full stalks in 2 weeks. If you start a blog using organic web traffic, you will not make consistent $100+ days in the first month, much less the first year. Because of this start-up time, this method is great when you are doing this as a side job, or to supplement other income. If you need money right now, I’d recommend that you get a job instead. Some of my colleagues blogged on the side, and quit their jobs when their online income matched (or beat) their day job income.

But since Course Leader Larry’s directive was to create $100K in Year 3, I needed to find and/or create ways that I could create that income sooner.

how to write blogs for money

Writing a Blog for Money

If I’m writing a blog for money, and I want to make consistent money SOONER, I cannot be passive, and simply wait for my blog posts to be found on Google. I will have to create TRIGGERS for people to let people know that my blog exists, that I have the content that they want to read, and links to the products they are already thinking about buying:

  • Social media advertising (Free!)
  • Writing guest blog posts on other popular sites in your niche (Free!)
  • Market to your tribe in your own Facebook Group (Free!)
  • Add a newsletter to your blog, and inform subscribers about new blog posts and new affiliate products (Free options available!)
  • Facebook Ads (Not free, but low-cost and HIGHLY targeted)

I was happy to discover that there was a lot can be done to market your blog on a bootstrap budget, so success comes down to your investment of time. What you don’t have in financial resources can be sidestepped when you approach blogging like a job, not a hobby and schedule regular time for it. When writing a blog for money, remember – ABC: Always Be Creating!

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Blogging for Money Online – Multiple Streams of Income

While diving deep into the how-to’s of successfully blogging for money online, I acknowledged that I had other skills that could increase my income in less than 2 years:

  • Offering my own product line of eBooks and online courses
  • Partner with other affiliate bloggers and Joint Venture Partners to promote my products for their own commission
  • Consult with product creators to create their own eBooks and online courses
  • Teach digital marketing workshops and online classes for small business/entrepreneur organizations

Writing a Blog for Money – The Fast Track!

I should also mention that I gave my presentation on writing a blog for money today. Yay!

how to write blogs for money


This Friday is the final Fast Trac class, and I was happy to present my projected revenue numbers today so I can relax while my classmates present on Friday.

After final analysis, the projected revenue from my revised “blogging business” can reach the goal of $100,000 by the end of Year 2!!! Woo hoo!

I’ve learned so much through this process, that I feel like this blog series “The Fast Track to Write Blogs for Money” is actually an eBook waiting to be written. I have some other irons in the fire, but this will be a great topic to tackle in 2016. Stay tuned!


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