The Fast Track to Write Blogs for Money – Part 2

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The Fast Track to Write Blogs for Money – Part 2

In the online world, the fast track to learn how to write blogs for money starts with choosing the RIGHT niche.

Today is Day 2 of my Fast Trac Entrepreneurial course, and the topic is “Identifying Problems and Needs”.

One of the mantras that our Course Leader Larry has repeated several times already is:

“The riches are in the niches!”

If you ask me, that’s even MORE true on the internet.  You cannot be all things to all people and be successful. You must choose a niche, which is a passion or specialty that you can share with others on your blog.

In addition to choosing a niche to blog about, you want to make sure that your niche A) has a DEMAND, and B) has BUYERS. Just because you think it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean that people will spend money on it. So before you purchase the website name for your blog, check out Pajama Affiliate courses to choose the best niche for yourself. Because after deciding that you want to start a lifestyle blog, your choice of niche will be the most important decision that you will make.

Pajama Affiliates is now offering trial access to their Home Blogging Course in 3, 7, and 30 days packages, so less risk for you!

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Starting a Blog for Money

When starting a blog for money, think about the topics that you are passionate about. Think about the products that you use every day.  Do you have special needs for your diet, or your children?

Also think of your potential reader. What are the problems that you’re helping them to solve? What keywords did they enter into a search engine when they found you? The choice of keywords are important because they distinguish between someone who is just looking for information, and someone who is looking to buy. Knowing the difference will save you time and money.

I can say for myself that I spent the last 15 years teaching online marketing to musicians, but that niche was never as HUNGRY as the dating and relationship niche. I get it now, but music is my thing!!! I’m a musician, and a natural marketer, and assumed that other musicians were the same. Not exactly, but that’s okay.

After taking online courses with Pajama Affiliates, I realized quickly that I would have to find a better BUYER niche! Back to the old drawing board!

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Blogging for Money from Home

Blogging for Money from Home, I mean like having a real lifestyle blog that makes money, meant that I was going to have to do things differently. If I was serious about wanting to be time and location-independent, I’d have to choose a NICHE with a stronger DEMAND.

As it happens, I was quite active in a dating and relationship forum, run by a successful Love Coach, who was also a Pajama Affiliate. As my relationship advice comments read like mini-blog posts, I was asked to write a guest blog post. This post led to my first affiliate sale, and they keep coming!!

If you want to learn how to create your own lifestyle blog, visit Pajama Affiliates!

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