Blogging for Money Online

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blogging for money online

Blogging for Money Online

The MOST important thing to know about blogging for money online is that it all comes down to THE MONEY. Now that may sound obvious to you, but stay with me. There are many people out there with a lifestyle blog who are doing it for the LOVE, who are also wondering “But where is the MONEY??”

Having a lifestyle blog means creating blog posts that share your life’s passion. Having a profitable lifestyle blog means monetizing every post. Think of yourself as your own media channel, and simply BLOG YOUR LIFE.

But to make money from your lifestyle blog, you need to make sure:

A. Every blog post is optimized for keywords that BUYERS are searching for, and

B. Each blog post includes affiliate links to the products that you talk about.

For example, if you are into gardening, you could share photos from your garden, write about the progress of your plants, and then include affiliate links to buy seeds, fertilizer, and other supplies that you mention. It’s not about making a hard sale. It’s about engaging people with your writing, and offering valuable content.

Remember, if you optimized your post with keywords, the person very likely found your blog post because they were ALREADY SEARCHING for the information that you’re writing about. So if someone likes what they read, they are more likely to click the link and make a purchase.

To learn more about affiliate marketing and lifestyle blogs, Pajama Affiliates offers the BEST DAMN Home Blogging Course on the market! Pajama Affiliates is now offering trial access to the Step-by-Step Blogging Course for 3, 7, or 30 day trial access, so you can check out the material, and see if it’s for you.

how to write blogs for money

What Blogging for Money Online Isn’t

When some people first hear about affiliate marketing, they confuse it for a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) sales scheme, which it is NOT. Affiliate marketing is something you can do by yourself, and does not involve or require bringing in more “sales reps” in order for you to make money. Because you’re optimizing your blog posts for people who are ALREADY searching for products the internet, you do not even have to tell your close friends that you’re blogging for money online.

However, if you believe in what you’re blogging about, why not share your posts with your friends on Facebook and other social networks, and get even more exposure for your blog? Some of your friends will even share some of your blog posts with their friends via social media, so don’t be shy about letting your friends know what you’re up to.

Think of it like this. There are websites on the internet that are willing to pay you to send people their way. You probably recommend things to people all the time without even thinking about it. Blogging for money online is simply being deliberate about promoting products that reward you for sending web traffic to their product.

The best way to have a lifestyle blog, in my opinion, is to simply blog about things that you’re already doing and using in day-to-day life. Pajama Affiliates Co-Leader Lesley Stevens has a fun toy blog that she uses to direct traffic to She buys her kids toys, blogs about her kids playing with the toys, and takes original pictures of the toys with her kids playing them. Her engaging blog posts links to the toys on  At holiday time, Lesley makes thousands of dollars in commissions PER MONTH when online shoppers find her site, click onto Amazon, and make a purchase.

As a result of Lesley’s blog’s success, the toys she purchases can be written off as a business expense on her taxes (check with your accountant first for details!). In addition, she occasionally receives free toys for reviewing on her blog.

By the way, Lesley is a full-time Mommy Blogger, and blogging for money from home is how she supports her family of five. If this sounds something you’d like to try, check out the Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging Course for more information!

blogging for money from home

Blogging for Money From Home

Blogging for money from home, like most kinds of internet marketing, is inherently a LONG GAME, meaning that overnight success is unlikely, but the long-term benefits are fantastic. Everything you do today builds upon what you did yesterday, and it’s not uncommon for someone to go from 0 to SUCCESS only AFTER putting in two years of consistent work.

You do NOT need to quit your day job to start blogging. Actually, it’s better if you don’t, because you’ll still need to pay for tools to run your online business. And to eat. You’ll also need to allow for the inevitable “trial and error” learning curve that occurs, so that you’re not eating ramen noodles while waiting for your first affiliate sale. Remember, you may not hit your stride for two years, so don’t put that pressure on yourself.

Lately I’ve been comparing starting a blog for money to running a farm. Our blog posts are the seeds that we “plant” in the internet, and we “fertilize” those blog post seeds by optimizing them to “grow” (rank highly in search engines). After our blog posts “sprout” on the first page of Google (or as guest blog posts), THEN we sell the products and services that we’ve promoted. And we enjoy our”harvest”, also known as. PROFITS!

In my opinion, taking consistent baby steps forward is the key. You will create momentum, and build your blog faster because you avoid overwhelm. Overwhelm has the power to make us doubt ourselves, so keep things simple, and keep moving forward.

Blogging can sometimes feel like a lonely job. The best way to avoid isolation and overwhelm is to have a support system of other bloggers on the affiliate path. The Pajama Affiliate Mastermind Group helps me stay focused, and keeps me accountable. Now that they are offering short-term trial access to their home blogging course, I want everyone to know. Check it out at the Pajama Affiliate Home Blogging Course!

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