My Journey to Write Blogs for Money

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how to write blogs for moneyMy Journey to Write Blogs for Money

This morning I attempted to detail my journey in learning how to write blogs for money, thinking that it would make a good blog post for affiliate links. With my trusty pen and work journal, I filled TWENTY-TWO journal pages before 7am.

TWENTY-TWO pages!!!

I’ve been blogging long enough to know that “Ain’t nobody got time for that”, so I scrapped that idea. While my self-evaluation was both cathartic and educational for me, I’m no longer sure about how interesting it would be to anyone else.

However, the self-review was still a good idea, as I was amazed to note (and remember) all of the twists and turns I made on this journey. They were all necessary steps before I was able to “find my niche” (thanks to Pajama Affiliates), and I have no regrets. So today’s How-to-Write-Blog-Posts-for post is basically a summary of my summary. 🙂

Blogging for Money Online

I’m excited about blogging for money online because I am a musician.

blogging for money from home

Music is my true life’s passion, and I decided years ago that everything in my life had to support that passion. Friends, lovers, jobs, hobbies, life choices, are all decided upon based on how they fit into my life as a musician.

So my first foray into internet marketing was teaching musicians how to promote themselves online. I’ve been a musician and music marketer for years. This knowledge is in my blood, and I figured that I could make a living teaching what I knew to other musicians. After blogging on free sites such as Xanga, MySpace, and, I hired a web designer to build my first “lifestyle blog” at RockStarLifeLessons in 2007. I love that blog – it’s my BABY! – but it hasn’t sold ANY products.

One main reason is that I didn’t offer anything for sale on my blog. I didn’t want to “corrupt” it with advertising and products. I just did it for the LOVE, which, by the way, wasn’t paying any of my bills.

Starting a Blog for Money

When I first realized that I would be starting a NEW blog for money from scratch, I wasn’t sure which BUYER’S MARKET I would choose. As it happens, I was also a member of an online dating forum at the time. I had so much to say on the subject that my comments looked more like blog posts. The group’s owner, Katarina “Kat” Phang, aka “The Man Whisperer” traveled constantly for fun, while blogging from wherever she was. Kat had started as an affiliate marketer, and then wrote her own eBook.starting a blog for money

Kat was totally living the dream I wanted, so when she revealed that she was a Pajama Affiliate, I signed right up.

I soon learned that I was already familiar with Pajama Affiliates owner, Robin Cockrell from my days of dabbling in internet marketing on the old site. I really didn’t know what I was doing on Squidoo at the time, but I remember reading the posts on her dating and relationship lenses (Squidoo-speak for blog posts) and other websites. Now Robin was teaching people how to succeed in ALL KINDS of online niches. Wow.

And then Lesley Stevens, Mommy Blogger Extraordinaire came on board as Robin’s Collaborator. She has a fantastic toy blog that she uses to drive web traffic to Lesley has an awesome eye for graphics, and she’s taught us some real cool things in her “How to Write a Blog Post That Converts” class. Right now I’m so digging Pinterest right now. I feel like that course gave me the keys to the online marketing kingdom, and I finally understand what I’m doing!!!

I took inventory of my online music marketing business, and I realized that 80% of my income was coming from work I did for brick-and-mortar clients, NOT individual musicians purchasing my eBooks and courses. But what I wanted most was an ONLINE business so I could be time-AND location- independent.

The most important thing I learned after joining Pajama Affiliates Mastermind is that musicians are NOT a strong BUYER’S MARKET for information products. Musicians WILL spend money on instruments and gear, but I’m primarily a singer, so I can’t get excited about blogging about musical equipment. I might as well get a job in a bank!

[NOTE: If YOU happen to be a fellow musician interested in blogging for money, most of the online music instrument retailers (Musician’s Friend, Guitar Center, etc) have affiliate programs. Not to mention that Amazon also sells instruments and gear, so you could join Pajama Affiliates and get 
right on it!]

So…at this point, I had no idea how I was going to be blogging for money from home. But I was sure active on Kat’s dating and relationship Facebook forum, offering advice in my long-winded comments. Robin Cockrell, owner of Pajama Affiliates, suggested that I write a guest blog for Kat’s website which gets about 6,000 visitors a day. And because I knew that dating is a true BUYER’S MARKET, I listened to Robin’s coaching and became a LOVE BLOGGER myself on my new website at  That guest post led to my first affiliate sale, so perhaps I can say that LOVE is paying the bills now! 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing, Pajama Affiliates is offering a crazy new thing where you can purchase short term access to the Home Blogging Course. It’s really generous, as you’ll get full access to the Pajama Affiliate courses, and you can check of the videos and see if it’s something you’re into. The special offer is Three Days Access for $20, Seven Days Access for $29, and 30 Days Access for $79,  which is incredible because there is a lot of material there that you can check out. And if you decide it’s not for you, then you didn’t lose much. So I hope to see you inside the group, or at one of my shows!
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