Blogging for Money from Home – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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blogging for money from home

Blogging for Money from Home – FAQs

Blogging for money from home sounds like a great alternative to working in a stuffy office, and actually it is! At this moment, I’m typing on my laptop next to a window, enjoying the natural light, and sounds of children laughing outside. Making money as a writer is a dream that many people share, but there are many misconceptions on how blogging for money works.

Writing for a blog differs greatly from writing a book. Writing for a blog is also different from writing an article for a magazine. Instead of simply writing an article and submitting it to a magazine editor, a blogger creates an article that is optimized for both human eyes, as well as search engine web crawlers. So while writing a good article is an art and a craft, writing for a blog is an art, a craft, AND a science!

Writing a Blog for Money – The TRUTH

Writing a blog for money involves writing an article in a particular format. And as some aspiring writers have learned, the formatting style of a blog post varies much from a magazine article. For one thing, you don’t only write only what you want to write. To attract readers and affiliate sales, you need to write about the topics that they want to know about.

First, you choose a topic based on keywords that people enter into search engines, such as Google. Then you create a high-quality article that includes the keywords sparingly. You will also choose products related to your article which offer affiliate commissions on each sale. Once you create special affiliate links for the product(s), you add them to the blog post. Finally, you optimize each blog post so that it ranks on the first page of Google (I could include Bing search engine here as well, but frankly, I never use it). Once your blog post makes it to the first page of Google, you will get web traffic to your site. If you’ve written a quality blog post, people will click on those affiliate links, and buy the product. And you’ll get an affiliate commission for simply driving traffic to their product page. Not bad, eh?

I Want to Write a Blog for Money!

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Whatever your passion is, whether it’s travel, health and wellness, family, etc, if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I want to write a blog for money!”, you can have your own lifestyle blog in which you “blog your life” by sharing your thoughts, photos, and experiences, then linking them to related offers.

For example, a blogger who is passionate about natural remedies can write helpful “how-to” articles for curing particular ailments, and include links to where readers can buy the supplies. That blogger can also have advertising on their site, so there are several ways for the blog to make money.

So while writing a blog for money may have more of a technical writing style to it, blogging is a great way to express yourself, build an online platform for yourself, and make money too.

How to Blog for Money

The first thing to decide when learning how to blog for money is how you want to make your money online. Once you’ve decided on an online niche, you’ll want to find related products and services which offer affiliate income. It helps to choose products that you have used yourself, as you will be able to write about it easily. Alternatively, if the product is reputable, you can also write interesting things related to the product. The main goal of blogging for money is to create interesting content that inspires people to click the affiliate link to get to the product’s website.

After that, the product site does the rest of the work of selling the product. If you choose a product that you like, but find that their website isn’t appealing, you might be better off choosing another product. is a reputable online seller with a robust affiliate program, so you can also check to see if the product is sold there, and use one of their links instead.

If you are interesting in creating digital or physical products of your own, you can also build an email newsletter list, and promote to your subscribers directly. There are many ways to monetize your blog!

Where are the Best Blogging for Money Sites?

Many of the “blogging for money” sites aren’t legitimate offers. Blogging for money requires that you have a website of your own,  that is under your control. If you see an offer to learn how to work from home, but doesn’t explain much more than that, run! If the company making the offer doesn’t offer a blog that provides info on what the work entails, save your money.

As the life of a blogger can be mighty lonely, it helps to have a community of other bloggers and online marketers. This way you are able to share resources, write guest blogs for each other, and perhaps even collaborate on products and projects.

I happen to be a part of the Pajama Affiliates Mastermind community which offers a blogging course taught be experienced bloggers. This community is also filled with other bloggers so I also enjoy support from my peers 24/7. If you are interested in blogging for money from home, check out Pajama Affiliates, which offers the BEST DAMN HOME BLOGGING COURSE  around!

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