Blogging for Money Online is US Government Approved!

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blogging for money online 3Blogging for Money Online is US Government Approved!

If you have ever wondered if blogging for money online is a real job, the answer is YES! I can attest to how easy it is to put in a full 8-10 hour day of writing posts, creating graphics, and sharing them on social media. Although I am prepared for the long haul, I am already seeing sales. I can feel that I’m on to something.

I like my “online marketing is like starting a farm” analogy, as I understand and acknowledge that my baby blog may not catch on before two years from now. So I like to think of each blog post as a seed that is planted into the internet, fertilized with optimization for human eyes AND search engine crawlers. This is done so the seeds grow (increase in search engine ranking), and then sprout on the first page of Google and other search engines. As your readers make purchases through your blog links, you will harvest your profits. Make sense? 🙂

Melanie Pinola writes in about blogging: “It’s more of a platform for other income streams. Your content alone won’t likely make you money. Instead, you’ll have to get advertisers, sell services like consulting or speaking, use affiliate marketing to get a percentage of sales from links people click on your blog, or maybe offer products like ebooks or premium content to actually generate income.”

Pajama Affiliates offers the best home blogging course that covers all the aspects of creating a blog that people love to read, and search engines love to find!

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Starting a Blog for Money – Here I Go!

If starting a blog for money required any special sign for me to begin (because I love my symbolism!), it arrived!

Yesterday I received notice that I was accepted into the Self-Employed Assistance Program (SEAP), which is offered in a handful of states through the US Dept of Labor Unemployment Office. After my last temp assignment ended in July, I filed for Unemployment. Out of the blue, I also received a letter from the Unemployment Office saying that I was eligible to apply for this SEAP program. I kept the letter on my desk, and kept looking at it. It was tempting.

This SEAP program offers people a way for people to start their own businesses while receiving Unemployment Benefits. While SEAP offers no additional money aside from your weekly Unemployment check, the program provides a structure for you to create and meet milestones for your business. SEAP requires that you meet with a business consultant at least twice during the 26 weeks of the program to develop your business strategy. You are also required to take 20 hours of entrepreneurial training. So between having a business consultant, a business strategy, an entrepreneurial course to work out my ideas, and my Pajama Affiliates Mastermind group, I feel very supported.

Blogging for Money From Home

Most importantly, I’ll be blogging for money from home because I no longer have to try to get a regular job for the next 26 weeks (six months). I can admit now that I’ve been avoiding that while focusing on the new Pajama Affiliates courses.  Lesley Stevens’ “How to Write a Blog Post That Converts” course has given me the keys to the online marketing kingdom, and writing blog posts are a breeze. Now that I’m ready to go with the graphic skills she teaches, the timing is perfect. I can work full-time my blog while STILL receiving Unemployment Benefits. And through this program, income I earn through my blogging is mine to keep, and will NOT affect my Unemployment benefits.

At the SEAP Orientation two weeks ago, the presenter had said that a “Single Mommy Blogger” applicant had been denied because she didn’t have a clear idea of how her blog would make money. Thanks to the Pajama Affiliates courses, my SEAP application clearly explained the multiple ways that a blog can be monetized.

I still wasn’t sure if they’d approve bloggers into the SEAP program at all, but 10 days later, I’m in!

how to write blogs for money

The way I see it, I’ve been given the next 6 months as a headstart for my dating blog. At the end of SEAP’s 26 weeks, I’ll decide whether or not I want to get another temp job. But in the meantime, I will blog my butt off, and make sure that my posts are optimized and monetized.

If this ain’t a green light from The Universe, I don’t know what is. 

If you’d like to learn how to blog for a living, please check out Pajama Affiliate’s Step-by-Step Home Blogging Course

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